Thank you to our sponsor: Fluency Matters!

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 6.36.58 PM

Thank you to our sponsor Fluency Matters!  Fluency Matters has donated books in Spanish and French for our raffle.  Teachers can win a pair of books to add to their library for Free Voluntary Reading.  Plus, you can look at a variety of novels to consider teaching in your class.  Fluency Matters’ goal is to transform “world language education with 21st century strategies, technology and resources.”  Their store includes readers in Spanish, French, German, Chinese and English!  In addition, they sell teachers guides for the novels and e-learning modules.  You can also buy a pack of books for FVR or sets of novels for whole class reading.

We appreciate all of the companies who support teachers on their journey to learning more about CI.  Don’t forget to sign up today to be eligible to win some of these awesome raffle prizes!

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