Thank you to our sponsor: TPRS Books!

Sponsor: TPRS Books

With our edcamp, we reached out to some sponsors to help with great giveaways for the teachers who attend.  This year, TPRS books has donated many copies of their newest books: Bart quiere un gato and Bart vuet un chat.  These books are in the style of choose your own adventure stories.  Students can read and re-read the books to add new twists and find a new ending.  In addition to cognates, the books have a unique word count of less than 70 words, so beginning students can read them.  Teachers who come to edcamp can pick from either book to add to their FVR class library.

TPRS Books has a collection of materials in a variety of languages.  They also have workshops around the country.  They have one scheduled in Baltimore, Maryland on June 18- June 20, and they have another scheduled in Charlotte, NC from June 19-June 21. Thank you to TPRS Books for helping us!

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