Post reading activities with novels

Post reading activities with novels

To continue our series, I will discuss ideas for post reading activities when you are using novels in class.  To see the other ideas, you can read the pre-reading activities, the during reading activities or the post reading activities for shorter stories as well.

One of the activities that I do at various points is to search for either a Kahoot or Quizizz game that I can either use or modify.  Many teachers have made these games for chapters or whole books.  You can just search then start playing!

In the middle of the book, I like to break out the Play-Doh!  Students use it to reconstruct one scene from the book.  Then, I put numbers by each sculpture.  Students bring a piece of paper and pencil and complete a gallery walk.  While they walk, they write down the part of the book that the sculpture is depicting.  Then at the end, I hold up the Play-doh and students guess what part it is.  The student who made it finally reveals the actual scene.

Martina’s collaborative mural is also great.  I pick a few students to draw different parts of the chapter or last two chapters.  Then, we discuss the parts again, and I ask the whole class questions.  Finally, I have students take a picture of the mural and upload it to Seesaw.  In the comment section, students can retell what is happening based on the mural picture.

Students recreate different scenes of the book in small groups.  They can take a picture on Snapchat then edit it to include filters, stickers and CAPTIONS!  Then, they can download the pictures and send you those pictures.  You can then look at them to discuss this with students as well.  If students are too young for Snapchat, you could have them do something similar on Google Slides.  Speaking of Snapchat, your students can take a booksnap of their favorite part (or least favorite part!)  Check out Tara Martin’s page for more tutorials for most technology platforms.

Students can also summarize as much as they can at the end or beginning of class.  I am a big (recent) fan of the retrieval practice blog.  The research states that ways to help retention including spaced out recall and summarizing without looking at a book.  I will have students write as much as they can remember then refer to the book.  This practice helps reinforce ideas and vocabulary as well.

What are your favorite post novel reading activities?  We can also continue this conversation in June!

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