Beginners tips for edcamps!

Beginners Tips for Edcamps

If you have never been to an edcamp before, here are some tips:

  1. Come early, so you can propose a topic and meet new people!  While the welcome and sessions will start at 9, the day begins with breakfast and conversation early.  There will be signs on tables, so you can find similar language teachers.  Introduce yourself to others to meet new friends!  Also, in each session, try to meet one new person.
  2. Remember to exchange contact information with your new friends.  This way you can stay in touch even after this edcamp.
  3. Don’t be afraid to switch sessions!  If a session isn’t what you need, use the law of two feet to go elsewhere.  Or even find a spot to sit down with a new friend to discuss what is going on in your schools.  This is your time in the summer, so make sure that you are getting the most out of it that you can!
  4. Step up AND step back.  Do you like to share and talk in sessions?  Be sure to share your ideas, but make sure that you don’t talk the whole session.  Listen to others as well.  Do you prefer to listen?  Try to share at least one of your ideas in each session.  We came to learn from each other.  This is the perfect way to do so.  Or- bring an idea to share at our share-a-thon!
  5. Stay late for lunch and make some plans to implement your work in the upcoming school year!
  6. Check out social media later for more tips!  If you are on Twitter, follow @edcampciva for more ideas.  Look up some of the Facebook group for many of the comprehensible input groups.

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